Magento Imagine Preflight Checklist

Have you ever noticed how launching an ecommerce website is almost identical to preparing for a trade show or even a holiday? Launching any kind of website can be an exciting time but there’s always those final last jobs which are often overlooked and crop up when the clock strikes 12. As with preparing for a trip, no matter how much preparation you do, undoubtedly you’ll forget something. This analogy came about whilst I was planning for the next voyage over the Atlantic to Vegas for Magento Imagine. Imagine Conference is being touted as THE place to be if you’re working with Magento and with over 1,500 attendees, there’s going to be a lot going on. So before you stress yourself out run over our little checklist:

1. Don’t over pack

Many of us are guilty of over packing for trips. Trying to cram that last, completely unnecessary, shirt or pair of shoes into your groaning suitcase. This too can be the case for your website. Although it’s tempting to cram each page with your products and promotions, overloading your customers will just distract them from the main reason they went there in the first place. Avoid pop-ups, graphics, and background music. A clean, self-explanatory structure is more likely to convert your visitors into customers, but don’t forget your Speedos!

2. Get to know the local lingo and customs

I find it deeply awkward when you go to a foreign destination and you’ll see some Brits with their Union Jack shorts and not understanding a word of the local language. This must be deeply frustrating for the locals, not to mention the embarrassment. This goes for your website too. If you’re selling internationally then try and take into account the local lingo and how they may behave or use your website differently. Check out our top tips for selling internationally.

3. Travel Insurance

It’s important to protect yourself when travelling. There is that initial investment involved but it does give you that comfort blanket and you can be slightly more confident. This goes for your site, ensure your customers are safe and make them aware of it too. Show them accreditation and security badges wherever possible to give them the same comfort blanket.

4. Don’t forget your power adapter

It’s great taking your gadgets abroad but if the batteries are drained by the end of day one and you haven’t got your power adapter, that’s it. This goes for your website, it may look great on your dual screen monitor but what about on a mobile or tablet? It’s all well and good having a great-looking site but if you can’t view it from your customer’s device it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

5. Check, check and check again

Testing always seems to be left to the last minute and often overlooked. I suppose this is like forgetting your passport as without thorough testing or your passport you won’t make it far. You cannot be too careful and it’s better to check/test one more time than be sorry.

Anyway, I don’t want to say too much as we haven’t got on the flight yet. I hope this blog goes someway to help you prepare for the launch of your website and if you are lucky enough to be going to Magento Imagine I hope it also has reminded you of a few things to bring.

If you want to catch up at Magento Imagine or let me know of any events, feel free to drop me a tweet. And remember folks, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas – especially if you follow me on Twitter!