The region’s techies help to influence a ‘program’ for change in the classroom

Our Midlands Code Club meet-up last night was a great success as some of the best technical brains from all parts of the Midlands came to our Waterside office to hear all about the organisation’s overall objectives.

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer led-after school coding clubs for children aged 9 – 11.  It aims to give every child in the UK the chance to learn code. To achieve this it has the bold aim to have Code Club in 25% of primary schools in the UK by the end of 2014.

In order for Code Club to achieve its ambitious growth targets it is reliant on recruiting volunteers who have experience in computer programming to act as mentors in the classroom. Postcode Anywhere’s event was all about empowering computing professionals as well as attempting to elevate the subject of computer science on the school curriculum.

Postcode Anywhere’s CEO Guy Mucklow has been keen to support Code Club and we have been proud to sponsor several key events nationwide. The volunteer led after school clubs have been highly successful in London and Guy feels that major employers in the technology sector outside of The City are missing an opportunity.


He said: “The way computer studies have been traditionally taught in schools has been a subject for criticism for some time by business leaders representing the UK’s largest technology companies. Basically it has had more of a focus on Microsoft Word and Excel as opposed to elementary computer science. Code Club is revolutionary in as much it teaches primary school children how to create basic computer code.

“As an employer it is important that we nurture and encourage the next generation of computer scientists as it’s critical that the UK remains at the forefront of developing technology. Large global corporates such as Google for example are keen to instill the right skills and attitudes in our young people who will be the computer scientists of the future and I feel it is essential that SMEs also champion the cause.”

Postcode Anywhere had an impressive 40 delegates attending the event which included potential volunteers as well as key teaching professionals representing schools in Herefordshire , Worcestershire and beyond.


People representing companies throughout the Midlands attended as well as teaching professionals and other partners including Worcester University’s STEM Co-Ordinator Debbie Tunstall.  We were also happy to welcome members of Worcester City Council and representatives from our local MP’s office who also came to support the event.

We have lots of people to thank for last night’s success for example our local Code Club Champion Rob Bilsland who has been a volunteer for two years now. He delivered a compelling case on his experiences in the classroom and how rewarding it was to be a Code Club volunteer.


Teaching professional John Palmer who is curriculum leader in IT and computing at The Chase, Malvern also attended and gave us an insight into the changing face of education. John is also an Educational Associate for Worcester LA and has established links with many of the primary feeder schools in Worcestershire and is keen to support and promote Code Club in our area.

Code Club’s Growth Captain Laura Kirsop who was one of the key speakers at the event said:  ”It was great to see so much enthusiasm demonstrated by the potential volunteers and teaching professionals who attended last night’s meet-up, some travelling from as far as Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

“Guy and his team at Postcode Anywhere have worked hard to raise the awareness of Code Club in the Midlands and we are confident that the take-up in this area will significantly contribute to our national growth target.”