Streets of Fear

Hallowe’en.  The day to remember the dead or, more commonly these days, a day to dress up and get spooky! Witches and wizards, ghouls ghosts and phantoms – and there are plenty of streets and places suitably named for the occasion!

Put on your black pointed hat and grab your broomstick in Broome (Norfolk or Western Australia) and totter off down Broom Close, Corner, Court, Park or Rise, but don’t forget to cackle! Take a walk down Witches Gulch, up Witch Mountain (both in the USA), along Witches Walk or Black Hat Avenue (or Road or Close), up Wizard Drive or Street or, if you’re not sure, Witch Way in Salem, Massachusetts, surely the Witchiest place on the planet. And if you’ve eaten too many treats, the Heksenwaag (witches weighing house) in Oudewater, The Netherlands, might be the place to go.

Take a trip around the Black Cat Roundabout in Bedford or look for sudden appearances in Apparition Street in Nevada. Manifest yourself in Manifest Place in North Carolina or disguise yourself in the Shadow Hills of California.

Get out your sheets and become a spectre in Spectre (Texas) Geist (German for Ghost) in Münster, Germany or Geestdorp (“Ghost Village”) in The Netherlands. Make your way down Spooky Gulch in Utah, along Fantome Road in Western Australia or take a dip on Spooky Beach in New South Wales or in Ghost Lake in Alberta, Canada. Listen to groans at your pun if you’re in Seoul talking about your soul.

You can look for monsters in the Dutch village of Monster, or check Bogey Way in Texas for the bogeyman. And as for the devil – he has lakes, towers, dykes, hills, valleys and monuments named after him all over the place!

You might choose to stick closer to the original meaning of Hallowe’en by popping off to Cemetery Square (or Terrace, Street, Road or Way), possibly in Tombstone Arizona or in the Graveyard Industrial Area in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; or in any one of the thousands of streets and places named after saints and martyrs.

Whatever you decide to do on Friday, and however and wherever you celebrate, have a great evening and a good weekend!

Have a go in Capture+ and let us know the scariest street you can find!

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