Are you making the most of your EPoS system?

With the growth of multi-channel, the landscape for retailers has become increasingly demanding and the growing use of smartphones and tablets has meant that consumer expectations are moving ahead of the capabilities of many retailers.


41 Takeaways from Magento Imagine 2014

Sin City’s motto might be ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ but on this occasion there are a lot of things worth shouting home about.

After an exciting, but exhausting, three days at Magento Imagine we have managed to cram our brains with an awful lot of information. With over 1,700 world experts, from over 35 countries, joined together in one hotel, we were enlightened with some of the latest technologies, trends and industry forecasts.


Achieving a Single Customer View

Marketers have been talking about the desire to operate a single customer view for years, if not decades, in order to create a three dimensional picture of the customer. But, if our conversations with marketing leaders are anything to go by, very few have achieved this utopian state.


SQL or NoSQL: that is the question!

For as long as I can remember, relational databases have ruled the data roost. Relational models first appeared with the microprocessor era in the 70s thanks largely to the research of computer scientists such as Ted Codd.