The 1-10-100 rule

Have you ever sat down to evaluate how much inaccurate data costs your business? How many hours your employees have spent trawling through databases full of incorrect and out of date customer data? Or how many customers you have lost because of it?


From Research to Reservation: The Postcode Anywhere Online Hotel Survey

If I were to ask anyone here a Postcode Anywhere HQ about booking a holiday I’ll more often than not get a mixed response; the excitement of a break in the sunshine versus the pain of researching and booking. I wanted to find out if the same was true for the great British public so we commissioned our online survey asking ‘what are your top hotel booking turn on and turn offs?’.


6 website mistakes hotels make

The process of booking holidays and hotels has come a long way since the days of travel brochures and Teletext from the 1990’s. However, there is still a lot to do.  It’s ironic that you so often end up needing another holiday after trawling the internet for hours attempting to buy one.


Drop down, drop out?

I have a simple rule when it comes to the use of drop downs in forms: use them only when the list of options is exhaustive, mutually exclusive, and the drop down contains every option.