Responsive web design

Why responsive design really sucks

‘Responsive design’ is what all the cool kids are talking about at UX and ecommerce shows around the globe, but is it really as good as we were led to believe? What’s beyond the hype, a silver bullet or a double-edged sword? I met up with our own team of developers for a look under the hood of mobile-friendly web design and to moan about why responsive design really sucks.


Boux Avenue: The stars of Christmas

Boux Avenue, a stylish new lingerie brand pioneered by retail magnate Theo Paphitis, was the star performer this Christmas after recording positive like-for-like increases. The privately owned company prides itself on offering a range of affordably irresistible lingerie that is inclusive for everyone irrespective of age, size and style.


5 website trends that will shake up 2015

It has been a busy year for ecommerce. Again. The pace of sales growth continues with eMarketer predicting 20% global B2C ecommerce growth in 2014, reaching $1.5 trillion, driven by factors such as mobile and advanced delivery and payment options. The UK is still growing but at the slower rate of 16% with sales of £45bn. Interestingly the average online spend per customer is expected to reach £1,000 for the first time.