Do we still need addresses?

When Ireland introduces its postal code system this year, it will be unusual for a number of reasons.  Each residence will receive its own code (Eircode) – not unusual – but these codes will not be related directly to place, nor be apparently related to those codes assigned to neighbouring residences.  It’s the first time (that I can think of) that codes are being created by a business with a profit motive (Capita) at the time of implementation, and by virtue of its design most organisations wishing to make use of the codes, be they businesses, utilities, local authorities, pizza deliverers, couriers or the emergency services, will have to purchase files and services from Capita to decode them.


Postcode Anywhere’s Fifty Shades of Red

Wearing our brightest and best red clothing, our recent charity day was to celebrate the Wear It. Beat It.  campaign in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Also health related as well as continuing the red theme, in the same week six brave employees including our CEO gave blood, which was a first for us as a company.


The UK’s Romantic Road names

Roses are red, violets are blue, we have some loving street names for you!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’ve looked into the Royal Mail’s database of over 29 million UK addresses to reveal the UK’s most romantic (and unromantic!) road names.


How are leading ecommerce retailers using persuasion techniques on their January sales homepages?

January is a time for quiet contemplation for ecommerce retailers…

As if. It’s a time for frenetic sale activity and a continuation of the crazy build up to Christmas. If Christmas Day is the summit, December and January are the two main ascents. For this month’s blog I’ve been reviewing some of the UK’s leading multi-channel retailers to see if and how they’re using persuasion techniques on their main landing page to entice and convert customers.

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