How do US retailers compare with the UK for address lookup and validation in ecommerce checkouts?

This month I’ve been looking at the contrasting ways in which major US retailers handle address management in ecommerce checkouts, when compared to the standard automation in the UK. It’s accepted good practice in the UK to let customers lookup their postcodes and then select a matching address from a pre-validated list, using 3rd party software like Postcode Anywhere’s Capture+. This is achieved typically using one of three methods:


Today it’s …

I have a sneaking suspicion that the debit on my bank statement dated 30th February has something more to do with some archaic German law on payment periods rather than appearing to show that my bank thinks that February has more than 28 or 29 days!

One never knows.  But it did get me thinking about dates.


Insurance companies: Why make it difficult for people who buy new builds?

Having recently moved house I’m going through the agonising process of changing my address on just about every license and account known to man – driving license, utilities accounts, TV license….the list goes on. I’m not here to complain (in fact many places seem to have really improved the UX of their online change of address process), but the procedure did make me think how much more difficult it would be if organisations involved didn’t recognise my postcode.


Ecommerce Bank Holiday Bonanza

Whether it’s chocolate eggs, roasted lamb, or online shopping, the Easter holidays are sure to result in over indulgence.

Figures from Big Data Labs indicate that the latter was definitely true this year, with an impressive 11% increase in online transactions on rainy Good Friday compared to an average day in April.

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