Are high-end fashion retailers living up to their brand when they go online?

Translating a luxury brand into an ecommerce proposition that accurately reflects the brand identity and values is a major challenge. I’ve sat in many meetings where the brand guardians have a fundamental disagreement with the ecommerce team on how the site should work. I’ve seen ecommerce people scratch their hands in dismay when UX is compromised simply to fit within brand guidelines that were designed for an offline world. 


10 Top Tips for Ecommerce Success: A Beginner’s Guide

For someone just starting out, online retail can provide a strong environment for building a business. But it’s not all plain sailing, in the traditional journey of a purchase, a business loses potential customers as they move closer to the purchasing stage. While this is natural and expected, improving the customer experience can reduce this loss by removing unnecessary barriers to shopping online. We’ve put together these 10 must read tips for success to help you in your ecommerce venture. 

Choice of ecommerce platforms

Magento no-go: What are your options when choosing an alternative ecommerce platform?

eBay broke the news last week that they will be shutting down their small business ecommerce platforms, Magento Go and Pro Stores. This decision allows them to focus on Magento Enterprise and Community editions for enterprise level users.

If you’ve invested time and energy building your online store then you’ll want to reserve some time to consider your options for a new ecommerce provider.


You may have it. But do you know it?

Ireland will, at long last, introduce postal codes in early 2015. It begs a question for ecommerce practitioners everywhere – at what point is it wise to assume that all inhabitants of Ireland know their codes so that you can demand their postal code (as a required field) rather than just enquiring after it?