In search of hierarchies

I was recently asked about a conference registration system that a company was developing.  As is commonly the case, they had found that allowing attendees to add addresses into their system themselves, without validation or control, resulted in large amounts of unusable addresses. They wanted to create a system whereby the attendee chose a country then a city and from those two pieces of information a postal code could automatically be assigned.


22 People you need to follow before Dreamforce

Besides the fantastic parties, informative breakout sessions ( 14,000 to be exact!), visionary keynotes and the great San Francisco location, one of the very best things about attending Dreamforce is all the inspiring and enthusiastic people you will meet.

But with over 125,000 Salesforce enthusiasts expected to attend this year, it’s hard to know where to start.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the awesome people we’re hoping to bump into – aside from Bruno Mars of course!


Are high-end fashion retailers living up to their brand when they go online?

Translating a luxury brand into an ecommerce proposition that accurately reflects the brand identity and values is a major challenge. I’ve sat in many meetings where the brand guardians have a fundamental disagreement with the ecommerce team on how the site should work. I’ve seen ecommerce people scratch their hands in dismay when UX is compromised simply to fit within brand guidelines that were designed for an offline world. 


10 Top Tips for Ecommerce Success: A Beginner’s Guide

For someone just starting out, online retail can provide a strong environment for building a business. But it’s not all plain sailing, in the traditional journey of a purchase, a business loses potential customers as they move closer to the purchasing stage. While this is natural and expected, improving the customer experience can reduce this loss by removing unnecessary barriers to shopping online. We’ve put together these 10 must read tips for success to help you in your ecommerce venture. 

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