Heartbleed: What is it and who does it affect?

11th Apr 2014 | Jamie Turner | Technology

By now you’ve probably heard of Heartbleed, but exactly what is it and who does it affect? …Continue reading

The commercial impact of the NHS Care.data legislation

7th Apr 2014 | Jamie Turner | Business Technology

Earlier this year the NHS revealed controversial plans to create a centralised database of medical records. Those behind the Care.data scheme are championing its potential to improve the detection and treatment of major diseases, but many have concerns that the database could be left vulnerable to hackers. …Continue reading

Sorry, you are an invalid character

2nd Apr 2014 | Graham Rhind | Addressing

In a bid to promote equality, and bringing it more into line with other European countries, a proposed new law in Belgium would automatically assign a baby the surnames of both the father and the mother (in that order) instead of only the surname of the father. However, the parents may also choose to give the child the surname of either of the parents, or to have the mother’s surname precede that of the father. …Continue reading

Review of Marketforce’s European Post and Parcel Services Conference

31st Mar 2014 | Guy Mucklow | Addressing

Now in its 17th year, Marketforce’s European Post and Parcel Services, is the go-to event for the postal sector, attracting leading figures from the world’s top postal organisations to discuss the key issues affecting post today. Last week, I attended the event for the first time to gain a deeper understanding to where the industry is heading. …Continue reading

‘Your parcel is in the bin’

27th Mar 2014 | Chinny Ogbuagu | Addressing

Making sure you gave the correct address and full postcode for your parcel delivery is sometimes only half the story. You know it’s on its way, but you may not know when it may actually arrive – or even if you’ll be in when it does get to you. …Continue reading