5 website trends that will shake up 2015

It has been a busy year for ecommerce. Again. The pace of sales growth continues with eMarketer predicting 20% global B2C ecommerce growth in 2014, reaching $1.5 trillion, driven by factors such as mobile and advanced delivery and payment options. The UK is still growing but at the slower rate of 16% with sales of £45bn. Interestingly the average online spend per customer is expected to reach £1,000 for the first time.


6 hot trends for retail ecommerce in 2015

The new year- it’s like a shiny new toy waiting to be opened under the Christmas Tree. And with the new year comes the age old game of predicting which  trends will be a flash in the pan,  and which will stay around for longer. We got our crystal ball out and here’s our top picks for 2015…


Why your marketing lists are rubbish

Last week there was debate in our team as to whether direct mail still had a place within today’s marketing world. One colleague shared a story from a previous role, whereby a teabag and KitKat were sent to prospects in the post to enjoy whilst watching an educational video online. The campaign received mixed results; on the one hand, it stood out and cut through the inbox traffic, on the other the vast majority of the KitKats were returned to the office (in various states of survival) due to problems with the address data.